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This quilt, AUTUMN RHAPSODY, was also selected for the New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilt exhibit at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, CO.  I sincerely thank the jury for being so generous.  The exhibit runs from July 9 until Sept. 2.

I titled this piece Autumn Rhapsody because, when it was completed, I found it to have a feeling of celebration…a song of autumn.  I chose the colors to represent the few weeks each year when the reddish-brown of fall begins to appear, but the green of summer still remains…a time of transition.

As for the quilting design…it is such an important layer in an art quilt.  I spend a lot of time looking at the painted top of the quilt before I understand how I am going to quilt it.  I don’t mark the top with the design, although I may chalk in some horizontal or vertical lines…

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