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This quilt, STORM CHASERS, is one of two of my quilts accepted into the 31st Annual New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts exhibit at the Lincoln Center Art Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I was thrilled to receive the notice of acceptance and am honored to be part of the exhibit.    (I will post the other quilt at a later date.)

I previewed this quilt in an earlier post, only as a detail image.  Still diligently pursuing my interest in adding texture to my quilts, this piece exemplifies using the texture to juxtapose a larger expanse of whole cloth painted cotton.

I created this quilt earlier this year, before the storms started to devastate the Midwest on a regular basis.  I wanted to represent the darkening sky as seen through a windshield covered with raindrops and possibly debris.  Who knew this would be the spring of tragedies caused by tornadoes and imposed on…

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