My name is Sue and I am a full-time studio artist living in New Mexico.  I work in different mediums, fiber and paint.  I enjoy both immensely…

I love the spontaneity of painting and I love the challenge of textiles.

My newest work combines fiber – industrial felt, waxed linen, zippers – on metal armatures created by my husband.  Each has a vessel shape in different forms…pods, wasp nests or boats.  In a year long preparation for an invitational exhibit in Santa Fe, I experimented with these vessels and found them to be original and delightfully technically challenging.  I will now focus on developing this series.

I traveled for many years selling my work at national art fairs.  When I moved to New Mexico, I opened a gallery to sell my work.  After four years in business, I missed being in my studio full-time and returned to experiment and develop a new body of work.

My work is available for purchase in my new studio in Santa Fe and at different exhibits nationally, or you may contact me with questions.

If you would like to keep up on what I’m creating in the studio, you can follow my studio blog,  studio18art.com.


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